Let's Briefly Discuss MD's Rental App Process


First, understand that the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and Fair Housing Act of 1968 (additional protections in 1988 and 1992) apply and that MD Counties adhere to the Federal laws AND has additional protections added, State and Locality. I have a chart because it varies and is difficult to recall each county's, and in some cases city's, additional protections. Fair Housing violation are taken very seriously!

Each Brokerage has its own internal process and application forms; however, there are are steps that apply pretty much across the board. The bottom line is financial ability to pay your rent.
- Credit Review - Be prepared to pay $40-50 per applicant over 18 years of age
- Employment/Income Review - each applicant
- Determine income needed to qualify - Maryland uses a basic formula to help prospective Tenants determine whether or not their income can qualify them for a particular property, Knowing this beforehand can save you in application fees and time looking at something you may not be able to afford. basically take the monthly rent times a minimum of 35 and that gets you the gross annual income the applicants need to have to qualify. Now, a landlord can adjust the parameters but 35 is a good ballpark range. If it is close, do not be afraid to apply as it is up to the property owner in the end.
- Review of a voucher, if applicable

Check out my Sunday morning post for some important things you as the consumer need to know and understand about rental properties in Maryland.

Have a great weekend!